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Robert B. Somerville Co. is strongly committed to creating opportunities for long-term career path development for Indigenous employment candidates and recognizes that one of the most effective ways to support sustainable career development in the infrastructure construction industry is to hire Indigenous trades apprentices on its projects and provide mentorship and certification opportunities. A further way to support Indigenous employment candidates is to provide financial support for Indigenous trades apprentices.


In 2020, Somerville established the yearly Somerville Indigenous Trades Apprenticeship Award in partnership with Trade Winds to Success to demonstrate its dedication to improving the ability of Indigenous employment candidates to pursue a meaningful and sustainable career in the infrastructure construction industry.


The awards are allocated to individuals who are First Nation, Métis or Inuit and have completed their training through Trade Winds to Success.


In 2024, Somerville generously increased the value of the awards to twelve $1,000 scholarships. Announcements for applications will be posted in the News section and on Facebook.

2023 Fall Recipients

Bourque, Garren_edited.jpg

Garren Bourque

Mitchell, Gregory_edited.jpg

Gregory Mitchell

Ottavi, Serena_edited.jpg

Serena Ottavi

Smith, Garth_edited.jpg

Garth Smith

Waskewitch, Faith_edited.jpg

Faith Waskewitch

Wesley, Kordell_edited.jpg

Kordell Wesley

2023 Spring Recipients

Ayers, Samuel_Photo_edited.jpg

Samuel Ayers

Halcrow, Justin_Photo_edited.jpg

Justin Halcrow

Jacknife, Starla_Photo_edited.jpg

Starla Jacknife

Junk, Nathaniel_Photo_edited.jpg

Nathaniel Junk

McDonald, Melissa_Photo_edited.jpg

Melissa McDonald

Small, Shinea_Photo_edited.jpg

Shinea Small

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