Residential Construction Program


1. Trade Winds Foundations

Two Weeks

Foundations bridges clients' life experiences with the expectations of the trades. Topics include orientation, overcoming training barriers, computer technology training, registration for the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training entrance exam, team building, Unleashing the Power Within with Eagle Healing, First Aid certification, CSTS, and financial management.


3. Alberta Labourer's Training Trust Fund Training

Two Weeks

Small tools instruction introduces participants to the variety of tools used by Construction Craft Labourers and includes hands-on experience.

Construction Basics instruction introduces participants to types of construction, construction terminology, measuring tape instruction, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and Occupational Health and Safety.


5. Career Skills Development

Continuous Learning

Job-readiness training is incorporated throughout the program. Employment and referrals to jobs is available to clients who complete the program.


Our new Residential Construction program exposes Trade Winds clients to nearly every aspect of residential construction under the direction of our experienced team of dedicated Journeyman Instructors.


2. Academic Preparation

Four Weeks

Math and science review in preparation for writing the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Entrance Exam. Those who pass the exam are provided with personal protective equipment (PPE) and a carpentry tool set.


4. Tiny Home Construction

Ten Weeks

Trade Wind's clients build a tiny home from start to finish, where they are exposed to carpentry, plumbing, electrical, flooring, insulating, glazing, painting, and drywall trades. 


Clients receive up to 400 hours of carpentry experience, 48 hours of electrical experience, and 48 hours of pipe-trades experience that can be credited to apprenticeship hours once indentured in the respective trade.

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Residential Contruction

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In 2015, Trade Winds began bringing the Trade Winds Community Workforce Development program to rural Indigenous Communities in partnership with First Nation and Metis settlement communities across Alberta.

Working with each community's leadership and technicians, Trade Winds staff offered academic assessments and interviews, academic preparation for the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Entrance Exam, safety tickets, and construction basic training to individuals on the Nation. At the end of the program, Trade Winds staff provided support for employment through local employers and in-community construction projects.

Since the program began in 2015, Community Workforce Development delivered the program in 20 First nation and 2 Metis Communities in Alberta, and 18 tiny homes have been built.

In February 2021, the Community Workforce Development program will be discontinued and replaced with a new Residential Workforce Development program offered in Edmonton at the Trade Winds head office shop.

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