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Getting Started

Learn How to Get Started with Trade Winds

1. Attend an Information Session

Applicants begin by attending an information session where they learn about what is required to be accepted into the program. Information sessions occur weekly in both Edmonton and Calgary locations. Interested participants complete an application.

Please call to find out about our Information Session schedule


2. Academic Assessment

Academic assessment determines if a clients possess the basic math and English skills required to enter a trades occupation. Clients can rewrite as many times as needed, and Trade Winds has options to support those who may benefit from upgrading.

3. Selection Interview

Staff members discuss with clients to determine if they are ready, willing, and able, and if they have the supports in place to be successful in an extended training program.

Interviews are scheduled by staff.


4. Funding Support

Clients accepted into the program are referred to the appropriate resource to apply for a living allowance while in training.

More information on this is provided during our information sessions.


Must be Indigenous

Trade Winds is available exclusively to Canadian First Nations, Métis, or Inuit individuals.

At Least 18 Years of Age

Trade Winds is designed for and limited to adult learners.

Demonstrate an Interest in One of Our Offered Trades

Choose from Boilermaker, Carpenter, Construction Craft Worker, Electrician, Industrial Mechanic (Millwright), Ironworker, Pipefitter-Steamfitter, Plumber, or Welder

Getting Started: Get Involved
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