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Donate to Trade Winds

Your donation will support the Trade Winds to Success Training Society and our clients. Donations enable our program to expand our support for Alberta's Indigenous people and provide better training for our clients.

How to Donate

Support Our Mission

Donations like yours go to support our program, clients, and their success.

Client Emergency Support Fund

Emergency funds help clients stay in the program when they encounter unforeseen difficulties beyond our ability to support.

MAterials and Equipment

Materials and tools help us provide more learning opportunities for our clients.

Trade Winds Scholarships

Scholarships help our clients to continue in their trades journey. Contact our administrative team to share and/or discuss scholarship opportunities

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How to Support
Other Ways to Support

Become a Trade Winds Advocate

Share the stories we post to Facebook and LinkedIn to spread awareness of our program. See our social pages below:

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Share your Story

Were you or someone you know positively affected by the Trade Winds to Success program?

We want to hear your story!

Share yours today.

Present to our clients

Inspire and excite a group of upcoming tradespeople! First-hand accounts of experience in the field help our clients visualize and prepare for their future.

Get in touch

We're always open to new ideas.

If you're interested in volunteering or have another suggestion for how to support Trade Winds, please let us know!

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