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Commercial & Industrial Trades Programs


1. Trade Winds Foundations

Two Weeks

Foundations bridges clients' life experiences with the expectations of the trades. Topics include orientation, overcoming training barriers, computer technology training, registration for the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training entrance exam, team building, Unleashing the Power Within with Eagle Healing, First Aid certification, CSTS, and financial management.


2. Academic Preparation

Four Weeks

Clients undergo math and science review in preparation for writing the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Entrance Exam. Clients who successfully complete Foundations and Academic Preparation and demonstrate excellent attendance and participation will receive Personal Protective Equipment and will progress to Union Shop Training.

3. Pre-Apprenticeship Union Shop Training

Training Weeks Vary

Consists of theoretical learning, safety ticket certification, and hands-on practical training at accredited union trades training facilities. The length of the training varies by trade.

Upon graduation, clients are provided with access to union-contracted work. Most trades also include a basic tool set.


4. Career Skills Development

Continuous Learning

Job-readiness training is incorporated throughout the program. Employment and referrals to jobs is available to clients who complete the program.


Our Commercial and Industrial Trades Programs are currently offered in Edmonton. These programs consist of four main components. Read more to discover the benefits and opportunities provided through our union training partners.

Discover our Employer Partners

Our employer partners are committed to the hiring, indenturing, and supporting of Indigenous clients in trades occupations. Click below to read more about our partners (and your potential future employer)

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