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Catherine Lynch

Second Year Electrician

December 2018

Catherine Lynch

After being a stay-at-home mom for quite some time, and with my youngest child becoming school-aged, I decided it was important for me to have some accomplishments for myself. As I have two daughters, I wanted them to see that mama could be strong and successful. I felt a sense of intimidation and fear because I had been out of the workforce for a long time and I wasn't sure how to start. I looked at a few programs and decided that Trade Winds was the way to go.

I liked that you worked side by side with both men and women and there was a traditional aspect to the program. The teachers and the councilors were very personable which made for a very comfortable learning environment. The academics, hands-on training and schedule really prepare you well for what you will be facing on the jobsite.

I left Trade Winds as an electrical union member. I made great friendships, connections, and left feeling capable, successful, and accomplished. I'm so thankful I made this decision. My family and I are stronger for it and my daughters get to watch their mama excel.

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