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Mason Callihou

First Year Carpenter

August 2019

Mason Callihou

Mason had no real career plan. He was taking short-term jobs on the reserve, mostly as a labourer. The longest lasting job he had taken in recent history lasted only two months. He had taken a Heavy Equipment Operator program during the summer of 2018, but didn’t see much change from it.

Darrell Ghostkeeper, Trades Coordinator for Lubicon Lake Band, approach Mason about the Trade Winds to Success Tiny Home program. Mason decided to take the program in hopes of opening doors to long-term, sustainable employment. The community needed Carpenters to build 160 homes in their community.

Mason wanted a steady job instead of the short term work he had been doing. He saw the Trade Winds Tiny Home program as an opportunity to pursue further education and training.

During the program, his biggest challenge was having adequate funding – but he kept his eye on the big picture. He expected he would gain employment through the Lubicon Lake Band housing department, go to technical training, and start making money.
Mason found the teamwork and making friends to be the most rewarding part of the program, as he was used to working alone. He developed a great teamwork-based skillset.
“This program has changed my life; it gave me the ability to gain steady employment!”

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