Hartland Severight

2nd Year Plumber Apprentice

February of 2018

Harland Severight, a Saulteaux Ojibway, his reserve is Valley River First Nation in Manitoba. He resides with his wife Priscilla and their kids, in Calgary, AB.

Harland graduated from TWTS, in February of 2018 from the Pipe Trades Programs. His goal was to become a welder and has had the opportunity to work through the union since then. Some of these companies are Black and McDonald LTD and Nardei Fabricators LTD. He took full advantage of our program and is still successfully employed and working on his apprenticeship as a 2nd year plumber.

Harland was asked to help build a fire pit by one of his superiors, for Hope Homes and Aboriginal Hope Homes Program, McMan Calgary & Area and he graciously accepted. Harland mentioned, when he first started this journey, he knew he would make it if he had just one chance. That opportunity started at Trade Winds and it continued to grow from there. He also knew he wanted to give back or help our people he just did not know how. He felt so proud to do this project and was so thankful for the opportunity.

He said, it turned out better than expected. The final fire pit is black, with the words cut out in Cree, meaning Wîcihowin. It is a Cree word for consorting together and helping each other. To highlight the fire pit, he managed to put the Cree Syllabics on it. The Cree writing is ᐁᐧᒋᐦᐅᐃᐧᐣ as shown in the picture.
He went to their renaming ceremony and there he said it was looked awesome!

For the people by the people ~ Harland Severight

Harland has now been asked by McMan to now become a mentor with their youth which is something he always wanted to do. This was his way to give back to the community somehow. The youth see him as role model.

Harland worked hard, never gave up and success followed. He is succeeding in his trade and these young people could do the same if they wanted.

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