Success Stories

Patrick Eberle

Third Year Scaffolder

September 2013

The experience I have and the friends and coworkers I have met have enriched my life and the world of knowledge every day that I go to work. I encourage any person to go to Trade Winds to Success and start a very rewarding employment opportunity.

Joseph Tourangeau

Third Year Scaffolder

January 2015

If I were do it all over again, I would; and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking change in their life as this opportunity has boosted my self-confidence and has always kept me employed.

Dana Rousseau

Third Year Carpenter

July 2017

It’s never too late to try something new. I took a risk changing direction mid-career and I have no regrets!

Catherine Lynch

Second Year Electrician

December 2018

I left Trade Winds as an electrical union member. I made great friendships, connections, and left feeling capable, successful, and accomplished.

Adrienne Quewezence

First Year Construction Craft Worker

March 2020

No matter what you went through in the past, if you want to change your own life, consider taking the first step by contacting Trade Winds to Success.

Riley McLeod

First Year Carpenter

March 2019

More and more my passion for carpentry grows. When I think of the word “carpentry” it is always different, it is never the same.

Zachary Auger

Second Year Boilermaker

January 2017

I joined Trade Winds to Success because of the opportunity to get my foot in the door...

Chase Piche

First Year Ironworker

November 2017

My wage started out as a first year rate at $21.62/hr but I now make equivalent to a fourth year apprentice in my 2nd year. I plan to become a foreman as soon as possible.

Kimberlee Young

First Year Industrial Mechanic

August 2018

The top mark got me a great job and an even better boss. I have been working for the same company for over a year now.

Mason Callihou

First Year Carpenter

August 2019

Mason wanted a steady job instead of the short term work he had been doing. He saw the Trade Winds Tiny Home program as an opportunity to pursue further education and training.

Cora-Lea Findlay

First Year Electrician

April 2018

I’ve had a huge amount of support from such an amazing Staff at Trade Winds to Success, Oteenow Employment and Training Society, and the Local Union 424.


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