Trade Winds staff are committed to the goal of improving employment outcomes for Indigenous people and will continuously seek ways to resolve the challenges in the workplace for our clients.

Administrative Team

Joan Isaac

Executive Director

Michelle Kostic

HR / Finance Manager

Sarah Ambrose

Purchaser / Finance Clerk

Roberta Giroux

Apprenticeship Retention Coordinator


Edmonton Team

Carol Lee

Edmonton Program Manager

Ben Hosker

Facilitator / Instructor

Iris Ayers

Program Assistant


Calgary Team

Norma Jeremick'ca Gresl

Calgary Program Manager

Leanne Froese

Client Support Officer

Robert Bryenton

Facilitator / Instructor

Peggy Gallagher

Program Assistant


Construction Workforce Development Team

Mary Collins

Construction Workforce Development Manager

Mike Nay

Facilitator / Instructor

Gary Dureski

Journeyman Carpenter Instructor


Mavis Cardinal 

Program Assistant 

Contractors and Consultants

Sherri Houle - Eagle Healing

Client Support Consultant


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