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About Us

Trade Winds To Success was established in 2005 by the Joint Training Trust Fund and is partnered with Indigenous community organizations and government funding agencies to provide First Nation, Metis, and Inuit people an opportunity to receive pre-apprenticeship training and shop experience in the following construction trades:

Boilermaker, Carpenter, Construction Craft Labourer, Electrician, Insulator, Ironworker, Industrial Mechanic (Millwright), Plumber, Steamfitter-Pipefitter, and Welder.

Our pre-apprenticeship training program is free to participants and has become the best screening tool for employers because of our empowerment of participants to be ready, willing, and able to work. Participants complete our program with the relevant knowledge, training, safety tickets, PPE, and support.

Member Organizations

The member organizations of the Trade Winds to Success Training Society (as specified in the by-laws of the society) include representatives from the Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ISETS) agreement holders and Union Training Trust Fund partners.

The Union Training Trust Fund partners include: 

  • Pipe Trades Training Trust Fund

    • Represented by Chris Waples

  • Millwrights Training Trust Fund

    • Represented by Dave Robinson 

The ISETS agreement holders include: 

  • Metis Nation of Alberta

    • Represented by Lorne Gladu of Rupertsland Institute 

  • Community Futures Treaty 7

    • Represented by Sanford Big Plume

  • Oteenow Employment and Training Society

    • Represented by Lyle Donald 

Board of Directors

Each member organization appoints an individual to sit on the Trade Winds Board of Directors.

Linda Domak


Representing Community Futures Treaty 7

Mike Bohnet

Vice President

Representing Millwrights Training Trust

Roxanne Hall


Representing Ruperstland Institute

Roberta Bearhead

Secretary Treasurer

Representing Oteenow Employment and Training Society

Angus Potskin


Representing Pipe Trades Training Trust

Joan Isaac

Trade Winds Executive Director

Representing Trade Winds to Success Training Society

Indigenous Partners

Our Vision

Trade Winds to Success builds the foundation for Indigenous people in Alberta to secure employment and achieve journeyman status, leading to economic well-being.

Our Mission

Through our network of partners and stakeholders, Trade Winds to Success provides pre-apprenticeship training and support to Indigenous people in Alberta, leading to success in the trades.

Annual Reports

As of 2018, Trade Winds releases an Annual Report each fiscal year. These reports provide overview and insight for Trade Wind's activity.

If you would like to request a physical copy, please let us know.

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